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Soldiers & Sailors Canteen Mug


First World War period canteen mug from the soldiers & sailors canteen at Selby station. Made by W. Gill & Sons of Castleford in Yorkshire. c.1915-1919
A rare piece of British history.


In almost perfect condition, bar some slight discolouration and minor crazing to the internal glaze. Relatively crudely (or rather, quickly) made - evidence of where it was thrown on the potter's wheel.


H: 9cm W: 12.5cm D: 9.5cm


During World War One, literally millions of servicemen passed through the railway stations of Great Britain, on their way to join the battle in Europe. In several stations, makeshift canteens were established for these servicemen and mainly run by women volunteers, to keep the soldiers and sailors fed and watered and hopefully keep moral relatively high whilst they were waiting, sometimes for many hours.


What better captures true British spirit at the time than a mug of free tea for our servicemen?!


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