Our Story


Founded in 2015, with our ‘anti-passion’ for mass production with its lack of sustainability and integrity, we instead seek character, history and quality in our stock.

What do we do

We source, buy and sell decorative antiques with an emphasis on furniture and art. We are guided by great decorative value, recognising the emotion that can be gained from owning something that just looks and feels so good. We don't pin ourselves down to one particular style or period. We simply love good looking things. We buy what we like, and we don’t mess around with it. We prefer items to remain as original as possible.

Sam finds and Naomi fixes (although sometimes it's the other way round) and as a team we manage to always have a quality selection of stock in our collection.

Why Antiques?

We believe that antiques are the future. Timeless, quality pieces add so much character to any scheme and can make a house into a home.

Antiques are sustainable. They haven't been thrown away because they are made to last and they can be fixed. We do that bit for you (if it's needed). Antiques reflect our individuality and connect us to past generations. We will always try and find out the provenance of a piece and share that with our customers.

Antiques can also sit comfortably next to more modern pieces. We also stock a small range of 20th century artwork to help finish a scheme.

Come and see for yourself

We work from a converted industrial unit in the characterful, vibrant and independently-minded community of Totnes, in beautiful South Devon.

You are welcome to come and browse our stock for yourself or to try out a particular piece you've seen online. Please get in touch to arrange this, as we're not always there, but very happy to open up with prior arragement.

When we are not there we will most likely be out sourcing more stock, selling at a fair or walking our dog! We hope to see you soon.


We started in 2015. In this short time our business has grown from strength to strength, gaining recognition in reputable industry related media outlets; meaningful endorsements from well-known leading dealers; and repeat custom from globally respected interior designers and decorators, as well as hundreds of satisfied private customers. We are always evolving and seeking new ideas as we don’t like to stand still. We hope you enjoy our business as much as we do!